Being The Baker Who Finds Romance In A Loaf Of Bread

I was recently talking about the years I spent as an entertainment reporter with an acquaintance of mine who happens to run an executive search firm. He asked me who my favorite interview subject was, and when I told him…

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Why Your Marketing Isn’t Relevant – And How To Fix It

There is about an 80-percent chance there is something fundamentally wrong with your marketing. It’s flawed because it’s about you, not them (your prospect or customer), because you’re the hero of your own story, and because you don’t demonstrate value.…

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Are You Appealing To The “Right” Brain With Your Sales & Marketing?

There is a new paradigm in business today. Our customers and prospects are time starved and in control as never before, and we must work harder, faster and smarter to reach them. In fact, it has never been easier to…

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Down With Upspeak Blue Color Banner

Down with Upspeak

Upspeak. You know what that is. We’ve all heard it. That’s what people sound like when they have a habit of making statements sound like questions, when they end clauses or sentences with an upward inflection, practically begging their listeners…

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