Grow Your Business With Our Custom Coaching Program

Your brand stories, speaking skills, and subject matter experts have the power to ignite your business. Let us help you discover and deliver them!

Our 3 Second Selling™ training program will help you become the salesperson, speaker, storyteller, and content creator you’ve always wanted to be.

What 3 Second Selling™ is Not

  • A traditional sales and marketing training program

  • What to say, how to act, doing what others tell you to

  • Becoming someone else

  • Following a script

What 3 Second Selling™ is

  • A simple 3-part process that gives you the ability to share stories and create connections and be someone people feel like they know, like, and trust. (Because that’s who we do business with!)

  • Establishing the ownership of who and what you are and what you have to offer

  • The foundation, the support, for everything else to occur

  • Taking the way we are wired as humans and putting that into a selling context

  • Seeing things that others don’t

  • The quality of questions you ask

  • Being deliberate about your language and listening

  • Establishing rapport, confidence, need, value, desire, urgency

  • Defining yourself, your dedication, your difference

What 3 Second Selling™ Can Do for You – and Your Company

We can give you the tools and strategies to effortlessly make emotional connections with – and have an emotional impact on – your ideal clients so you can:

Quickly build trust
Help clients make decisions faster
And attract and win more business

Your newfound skills will transform your business and elevate your career.

  • Set yourself apart from the competition

  • Position yourself as the go-to expert in your space

  • Become more promotable

  • Bring in business faster with a one-to-many prospecting model

  • Boost your influence and impact. Increase your credibility and visibility

  • Give you newfound confidence when meeting people, speaking, or presenting

Places where you can use these new skills:

  • Small and large group presentations

  • Speaker introductions

  • Team meetings and updates

  • Board meetings

  • Networking events

  • Videos

  • Podcasting

  • New client meetings

  • Emails

  • Articles

  • Phone calls

  • Social Media

David Gee Speaking at Best Buy Large

What Does the 3 Second Selling™ Training Program Include?

  • Live Group or Private Training Calls

  • Live Skill Building Labs

  • Private Laser Coaching Sessions

  • Access to our proprietary speaking, storytelling, and content creation material

  • Formulas to help bring your ideas to life

  • Accountability and feedback to keep your growth on track