Media Training That Makes Your Messaging More Relevant

Certainly, the definition of what constitutes media has been evolving and changing, and the mainstream media isn’t the primary gatekeeper it once was.

However, one thing hasn’t changed, and that is the need to be prepared when it comes to meeting with the media. We have provided media training, presentation training, and crisis consulting for clients of all sizes and in a myriad of business verticals.

Led by David Gee, a former network TV news anchor and reporter and award-winning business magazine editor, he draws on his two decades of experience in the mainstream media to create customized communications coaching solutions designed to put your best – and most authentic self – on camera.

We offer clients immersive, personalized workshops that help you better understand how the news media works, alert you to be aware of some tricks of the trade and train you to deliver your messages in concise, soundbite bits.

And it’s not just media. If you need to reach your audience through webinars, social media, corporate videos, speeches, and presentations, we can help you do it effectively.